Can I eat fast carbohydrates?

During training sessions and immediately after training, fast carbohydrates are good because they are readily available to the body, read more here.

But for the rest of the day, cutting down on fast carbs is good for your body because they're low in nutrients, high in energy and make your blood sugar levels more unbalanced. This makes it harder to keep your weight and makes you craving for sweets bigger.

There are plenty of fast carbohydrates in sugary drinks (juices, soft drinks), sweets, ice cream, coffee bread, bread made of wheat, white rice, pasta/noodles with a short cooking time.

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Allowing yourself to eat some sweets sometimes can make it easier to maintain your eating habits in the long term.

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Of course you can eat fast carbs sometimes, nothing is forbidden. What matters is how much and how often. It's all about balance.

If you eat a lot of sweets, cutting back will make a big difference for your health.

Of course, if you only eat sweets occasionally, make sure you enjoy it and skip feeling guilty. Make an active decision about how often and how much sweets you want to eat, the quantity matters a lot. If you don't make an active decision, you will probably continue with the habits you have now. What do you want?

Do you often have cravings for sweets? Remember that eating a lot of sweets create more cravings for sweets. If you reduce or eliminate sweets, your cravings will decrease. And it's fast! Usually in a few days. One of my clients added a vegetable smoothie every day and got rid of the cravings. I'm not promising it will be like that for you, but start experimenting and see what you can learn!