We know what to eat but why don't we?

I find this super interesting. We know what is nutritious food and can easily learn how to eat when we exercise, want to lose weight or achieve something else. the information is easy to access and probably you already know. Yet so many people don't follow the guidlines. Why? I've asked myself that question many times during my 14 years as a dietitian. Most people want to feel good. And eating right is part of that. Yet it falls by the wayside and doesn't happen.

What I think often goes wrong is going straight to strategies and set-ups, diets and restrictions. That lasts for a while. But we need to get to the core to make lasting changes.

But what is the core? The core is our thoughts and values. This is where our actions come from. And to get to the bottom of it, we need to understand what our thoughts are.

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You are free to think completely different thoughts and they are absolutely as true!

Things around us just are. We are always the ones who create meaning and importance out of what happens and surrounds us. We interpret what is happening all the time. Through our thoughts.

Often we are so engrossed in our thoughts that we are not even aware that we are thinking. Our thoughts make up reasons why you didn't eat what you had planned, why you are worth eating a certain thing, why it won't work to make changes. But are the thoughts truth? Often it feels like truth because it's "me" thinking it.

But what is truth? Is there really anything that is true of our experience? No.

The same event can give rise to completely different thoughts in two different individuals. Is any of this true? No. Do we make our interpretations based on past experiences and values? Yes. Can we choose to interpret what happens in a different way? Yes, we can. Here's the best part; you are free to think completely different thoughts and they are absolutely equally true! Choosing thoughts that benefit you instead of hurt you.

This is where the lasting change begins.