The food that makes you the best!

Do you exercise a lot and want to take the next step in your performance?

Exercising is great and makes us feel good. We train because it's fun, but also to develop, get stronger, faster, reach a goal you set or take part in a competition or a race.

Do you want to take the next step in your development? What is the next step?

Optimising your diet? Training is of course the most important part of your development, but after that it's diet that matters most. The right food is the key to getting the most out of your training, simply getting more out of the training you already do.

The right food will help you to get the most out of your sessions - which allows you to move your performance forward faster (and then becomes more fun because you can take in more). The right food will also help you recover more efficiently, which also helps you progress faster.

Without the right diet, your immune system will also be weakened. Nothing spoils training like repeated bouts of illness - right?

cycling, bike, cycle

You probably already know a lot about this. It's nothing new. The problem today is that we know a lot, but with conflicting information, a lot of opinion and a lot of attention grabbing, it can still be hard to take in what's important and to do it.

Changing your diet can be easy, but it can also feel hard and difficult or just a non-priority. And that's why many people stick to their habits. Habits that may not always be the best. But making changes doesn't have to be difficult and I want to make it as easy and inspiring as possible!

I want to give you an overview of the elements that matter most for you to get more out of your training! I want you to understand the details but also to be able to step back and see the big picture. After all, we don't eat grams, %, nutrients, we eat food.

Finally , of course, it's about what we do. Who is the smartest? The one who knows all about nutrition but doesn't do any of it, or the one who may not know all the latest research but still gets the most important parts right?

Att Wanting to eat well is about prioritising yourself and your health, respecting yourself and wanting to do your best for yourself. Eating well is not about eating "perfectly". There is no such thing as perfect eating; it's about balance. We are all different and there is no one-size-fits-all solution. The only way to find the right solution for you is to start experimenting and testing yourself. And that's what I hope you'll find inspiration for here. Translated with (free version)

Are you ready? Willing to try?

The food

What food does the body need during the day?

Before, during and after training

What do you need to be able to exercise and recover quickly?

Thoughts and reflections

Why do we make the choices we do, in terms of diet and exercise and life in general?

Who am I?

And why should you listen to me?

Nutritionplan and coaching

Would you like a tailor-made diet based on your needs?

What do my clients say?

Some quotes from my customers. If you want to read more about their journey, click on the button.

"The right intake during the sessions allows me to recover better and get more out of the training, and I don't risk getting sick after intense periods."
Johan von Walkendorff
54 years old, works out 8-10 hours/week
"Last week I cycled 17.5 hours and it has never felt so easy"
Hjalmar Klyver
Swedish National Team cyclist, 19 years old, trains about 750 hours/year
"It only took 3-4 days of the right amount of food and I felt as strong as a bear on a bike"
Henrik Holmqvist
36 years old, bikes for fun, 3-4 hours/week
"I am more energetic, healthier and the craving for sweets is gone."
Sandra Sundberg
41 years old, multisport, exercise about 6 hours/week
"The regular coaching helps in steering towards the goal set, while providing an opportunity for corrections if needed."
Patric Oscarsson
52 years old, works out 7 hours/week

For a year now, I have been helping several people who exercise to find the right food to get the most out of their training. So far I have helped cyclists (both racing and mtb) and some multisport athletes and triathletes. And got great results!

Everyone is different and gets different results, but it's a learning journey for everyone. I am grateful for the trust I have received from those I have coached so far and that I have been able to learn about your changes and how they have affected you. Do you need help? Read more here on how to register. 

Thoughts and reflections

Ta del av tankar och reflektioner om mat, träning och annat viktigt i livet.

We know what to eat but why don't we?

Real freedom

Is "sleep low" good and what is it?