Who am I?

Hi, my name is Kristina

In order for you to judge whether the information on this website can be trusted, you might want to know a little more about me.

I am a registered dietitian and has worked as a dietitian for 14 years. I studied for 4 years at Uppsala University and have a Master's degree (Fil. Mag) in Nutritional Sciences. In order to work as a dietitian, you need to have a license and with that I have certain rules I need to comply with. And I am not allowed to make my own statements or opinions.

My mission is that the knowledge I share will not stay in your mind but become something you actually use and that has positive effects in your life. The best thing I know is hearing my clients talk about the changes they have made and the positive effects it has had on their training and lives.

I have always trained a lot (including football, running, swimming, gymnastics, horse riding etc.) but got hooked on cycling 12 years ago. In the first years I only cycled on the road, but in recent years I have also done some mountainbike-cycling. 

I'm not a competitive person and don't enter races very often, and in such cases only to compete against myself. Despite this, I have participated in a few races/competitions in Sweden (where I used to live) and have, among other things, finished 35th out of all women in "Vätternrundan" (I think it was the year 2010), 5th in "Tjejtrampen", and 5th in "Mtb Adventure" 2018 (the middle distance). 

My drive is to constantly improve myself, get stronger, get better technique and challenge myself.

My "why". When I started road cycling 12 years ago, it was great fun and I got better all the time. But when I increased my training to get to another level, it came to an halt.

The progress stopped, I felt worn out and it wasn't as much fun anymore.

In retrospect, I can see that I did most of the training right, but what was missing was the diet. I didn't get enough carbs during and after the sessions, so when I increased the amount of training I didn't have enough time to recover and couldn't push hard when I was training. I also ate inadequately, choosing not very nutritious foods and sweets.

jag mtb backe
jag mtb glad3

With the experience I have now I know that I could have assimilated the training much better and continued to develop, if I had made some well-chosen changes in what I ate.

Now I follow my own recommendations and feel so much better and even if I don't exercise as much as I did then, I'm convinced that once I start doing it, the results will be so much better. I want you to be able to increase the amount of training you do while continuing to develop and feel great!

Fun facts. Me, my partner and our 3 children moved to the south of Spain in August 2021. To have a new adventure in life, with new challenges and experiences and warmer weather of course. So far, we are loving it. Life feels easier when it is bright and sunny almost every day. It's easier to be outside, exercise, walk and dine outside. The biggest change was that we simultaneously redesigned our daily lives and what we spend our time on. Now my partner and I work less, we have lower expenses and more time to do what we want.

The most important thing in life. The only thing we really have is the experience of life. Yet we find it so difficult to be present and experience it. For me, the turning point came when I started listening to Waking Up, that's when I started to understand what life is really about. I can't help but write about that part of life too because it has changed my life immensely. I will write more about it below Thoughts and reflections, including in the this post.