Don't just eat tomatoes and cucumbers

All vegetables are indeed healthy. But many people just eat tomatoes and cucumbers. And that's a good start. But they don't contain as much fibre and not as many nutrients and other trace elements that the body needs. 

To get more of it, you need to eat a few more fiber-rich vegetables.

The best thing for your body is always to eat with as much variety as possible, so eat as many different vegetables as you can!

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Choose mainly high fibre vegetables such as broccoli, carrots, cabbage, cauliflower, peas, spinach, which contain a lot of soluble fibre. Why these fibres are so good you can read about here.

Fibres cannot be destroyed no matter what you do with them. Whether you cook, mix, fry, the fibre is always there. 

You may lose some water-soluble vitamins if you cook vegetables for a long time but the most important thing is always to eat vegetables and overcooked vegetables are better than none at all!

Want a number? Aim to eat at least 500 grams a day. That's about 5 servings a day, with one serving being about the size of a fist.


For example, it can be a carrot, a fistful of cabbage salad and one with broccoli and then two fruits during the day. This is the minimum per day.


If you want even better health, increase the amount even more!

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