Where you find carbohydrates and which ones to choose?

High levels of carbohydrates are mainly found in foods containing flour and other cereals, and also where there is a lot of sugar.

And a smaller amount of carbohydrates are found in quite a few foods.

When we eat, we want to choose carbohydrates that contain nutrients (vitamins and minerals) and do not raise blood sugar too quickly.

flour, cereals, food
wheat, spike, cereals

The right carbohydrates provide a good intestinal flora and a strong immune system

flakes, oatmeal, oats

When we exercise, we want fast carbohydrates and we have to accept that they won't be as nutritious, read more here about what you should eat when you exercise. But all the more important to choose nutritious carbohydrate sources when you're not exercising.

Eat carbohydrates from (färdig blandning av mathavre, matvete och råg), potatoes, buckwheat, wholemeal rice, wholemeal pasta, quinoa, root vegetables, beans, lentils, oatmeal, barley and rye and, of course, fruit and berries.

These carbohydrate sources are high in nutrients (vitamins and minerals) and many of them contain soluble fibre, which is good for your gut bacteria and provides a strong immune system.