What is "the secret ingredient"?

Healthier gut (better gut flora) and thus better immune system, stedier blood sugar and thus less craving for sweets, and better cholesterol levels - what is "the secret ingredient"? Soluble fibre. What is that?

We've all heard of fibre, but there's a difference between fibre and fibre. To get the effects I mentioned above, you should focus on getting more soluble fibre in your diet.

Soluble fibre is mainly found in fibre-rich vegetables, fruits, berries, oats, roots, beans and lentils. 

These foods are prebiotics, which have the ability to stimulate the growth of good bacteria (probiotics) in the gut. Prebiotics are food or substrates for probiotics and contribute to a healthy intestinal flora (microbiota).

The soluble fibre is also good at keeping blood sugar levels steady throughout the day, reducing cravings. And they also have a positive effect on cholesterol levels. 

vegetables, carrots, garlic