After training

What you eat after exercise depends on the time until your next exercise.

If the next training session is less than 24 hours away, it is a good idea to eat carbohydrates immediately after the training session. Doing so will result in a faster replenishment of your glycogen stores so that they can be restored before your next workout.

If so, fill up with some quick carbohydrates straight away, such as fruit, energy cake, dried fruit, and then eat a main meal soon after.

Restoring your glycogen stores is also faster if you eat protein and carbohydrates together after exercise compared to eating only carbohydrates.

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How long it is until your next workout determines what and when you should eat

If it is 24 hours or more until the next training session, it is not important to replenish immediately after the training session, because you still have time to replenish your glycogen stores for your next workout. Of course, you should always eat after your workout, but it's not as urgent as if you have less time before your next workout.

Unless you're in a hurry for your next workout, slow carbohydrate sources are usually better for you because they are generally more nutritious and healthy and, if you have time to recover, they are just as effective as fast sources.

After exercise, you should always consume your proteins fairly soon afterwards to get the muscle building process started right away. It doesn't have to be a large amount straight after exercise, but it's important not to wait too long with consuming some proteins.