The experiment that changed my view of nutrition

My husband had for many years had problems with his palms cracking open and could have multiple open sores in both hands, all the time (see upper picture on the right). 

Both painful and dangerous, given the risk of getting bacteria into the wounds because you use your hands for everything. The only thing that helped was cortisone creams but as soon as he stopped, the sores came back.

Henow wanted to find another solution.

He got me on the train too and we started, as an experiment, drinking vegetable smoothie for breakfast every morning. After a few weeks, the sores had disappeared (see lower picture on the right)!

The most interesting thing was that we aldready ate vegetables for both lunch and dinner. But that amount was not enough. It was only when he increased the amount that the body got enough to heal itself.

Not only that, but both he and I experienced other effects that we hadn't anticipated.

My partner, who used to get every illness the kids brought home from preschool and school, has since we started with the smoothie only been sick occasionally in recent years.

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For me, there were also big, unexpected differences, my stomach started to work better and I had less pain during my period.

But by far the most important improvement for me was that my mood became much steadier and happier. I used to get irritable, shaky and weak when I was hungry (anyone recognise this?) but on the very first day I started drinking the vegetable smoothie, this disappeared. I just say wow! Every day is easier and more enjoyable when my mood doesn't go down when I'm hungry.

Jag lovar inte guld och gröna skogar och att allt blir bättre av att dricka en smoothie på grönsaker, frukt och bär varje dag.

But I learned two things:

  1. det ena är att mängden grönsaker spelar så stor roll för vår hälsa, lite är bra men mycket är mycket bättre.

  2. The second thing I learned is to experiment and be open for what you can learn. I wasn't expecting any effects, but rather worried that I would get hungrier. I'm really glad that this worry didn't stop me from trying.

And I see the same thing in the hundreds of patients I've met over the years, those who dare to try to make changes often find that things get better and that what they were worried about wasn't true.

But although I saw this in my patients over and over again, it was only when I had my own experiences that I really understood the meaning.

What have you learned about how you function when you've made dietary changes in the past? Or have you not thought about it or tried it? What would you like to try now?