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Do you "have" to do anything?

Is your life full of things to do? Things you have to do? Does it have to be that way?

Having a lot of things to do is not a problem as long as you do the things you want to. But often we fill our lives with tasks we don't want to do. Stress and having a busy schedule often makes us feel important. For these reasons, we acquire a lot of obligations.

But all the obligations drain us of energy. Life is suddenly about going from task to task. The joy of doing the tasks disappears. And we don't always have the energy to fulfil all the things we "have" to do. And then we feel bad. When we feel bad, we often choose poor food or some other "comfort" like alcohol, gambling, social media. Something that makes us feel good for the moment. But that doesn't provide any longer well-being.

Do you want a life full task you "have" to do?

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Or a better question: is there such a thing as having to do anything? No, not really. But I have to pick up the kids, I have to exercise, I have to eat well, I have to do the dishes. No, you don´t "have" to! I want to pick up the kids, I want to exercise, I want to eat well, I want to do the dishes. " Have" to is really just a negative word for things we really want to do. But I don't want to do the dishes and clean. Well, actually, you do. Because you know that if you don't, your home will be messy and disgusting. So you want to do it to keep your home nice. Don't you? Changing the words "have to" to "want" can do wonders, suddenly the task becomes something positive. And it also becomes clearer what you don't actually want to do, and can eliminate. I don't want to be on the board of X, but I want to coach soccer for my kids.

Secondly, it's about start wanting the best for yourself. For real.

If you want the best for yourself, you make sure you have a balance. Start saying no to what you don't want to do, to what takes energy instead of giving energy. It's not about saying no to everything and lying on the couch. That doesn't make us feel good either. But if we choose to refuel, by exercising and eating well, we'll have lots of energy to do what we want. To do more of the things that give us energy. Which, unfortunately, is often the thing that gets pushed aside.

Many people I've met over the years end up with bad eating habits because they don't feel well, their lives are full of obligations and they feel they're not enough. And food feels like just another obligation that they can't manage. That's how a guilty conscience and sometimes self-hatred is born. When meeting these people, together we manage to break it down and really see what is important in life and that the person actually wants to eat well, for their own sake, it often becomes easy and obvious to make the changes they WANT. Then of course it requires continued work not to fall back into old habits, but we'll talk about that another time.

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